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Within the scope of the project, specific focus and efforts were directed at developing systems and mechanisms so that EU regulations and standards can be stored in a machine-readable and structured form, and be retrieved by a digital Farm Management Information System (FMIS) for further processing and checking in an automated way.

More specifically, work that took place within the project resulted in the production of computer readable metadata regarding Cross Compliance rules for fertilization, the Organic farming Regulations, and the GlobalGAP standards for arable crops. A special focus was on the countries in which the project’s pilot farms were located: Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic and Greece. The above mentioned standards and regulations were stored with the use of web ontology software language. Furthermore, an explicit architecture was developed so that these standards and regulations are able to be published electronically by the publishing organizations in each country and to be available in dedicated servers. Consequently, a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) is able to access these standards and regulations electronically by connecting to these servers over the internet, as long as the FMIS has incorporated a dedicated software component for accessing these servers and their very catalogues and databases over the internet. The architecture of this dedicated software component has also been specified within FutureFarm.

More details on our ideas for the necessity of such a system, its architecture and a demo in which such a system is used from within a Farm Management Information System (FMIS) can be found in this video.

A working prototype of this system has also been produced. This prototype browser-based viewer was first presented at Agritechnica 2009 is now available on the public website at

Please note that this is a very early prototype and represents the states of the models and specifications at the time it was produced. Work is continuing on improving these and in ironing out some of the problems with the client implementation. It is therefore likely that a new version will be made available at some point. Nevertheless, we welcome feedback regarding the current version, preferably by e-mail to webmaster [at] futurefarm [dot] eu

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